Hemp Fest 2015?

It has been 3 years nearly since we have put together a Hemp Fest…  we feel it is time to bring this event back to life.  We are currently scouting locations and possible dates for the 2015 or 2016 festival.  Please feel free to check back here often to see any news or updates on […]

Hemp Fest Rain Tips

Yes, it is going ot rain on Saturday.  How much?  That is yet to be determined, but it looks like the ground will be more wet than your head.  We have made some changes to the venue to make it as rain friendly as possible.  This includes covering what we can in plastic, covering the […]

Hemp Fest Banners

Please support Springfield Hemp Fest by posting these banners where ever you possibly can.  Some suggestions are your blog or website, facebook, tumblr, pintrest, any forum or social site, and twitter.

Pro-Marijuana TV Commercial

Our Pro-Marijuana TV Commercial will begin to air the first week of August and will run until the 1st of September. We are very excited! Please share this video with everybody you know. Banned by MediaCom.

Springfield Hemp Fest 2012 Documentary

Take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends.  Get perks like free tickets, signed posters and more when you make a contribution. Example Perks for Contributing to the Film: You can get a weekend pass + a Free Shirt. Click here You can get  a poster signed […]

Sponsor Hemp Fest

Sponsoring Springfield Hemp Fest 2012 is easy and cost effective.  We expect about 5,000 or more patrons this year, not to mention you would be helping us cover some of the initial expenses. Download the sponsor package > If you want to start out small… We have some banner sponsorship’s you can purchase that include the printing […]

Pro-Cannabis Banners

Here are some free pro-cannabis banners we made for the world to share.  Put this on a facebook wall, your blog or website, or share them with friends!  Use them any way you wish and show your support.

Hemp Fest 2012 Fundraisers

We have a few events coming up that will benefit the 2012 Springfield Hemp Fest. Any funds raised will be used for headliners, TV Commercials , and promotional materials. So come out and support the 2012 Hemp Fest at these great local events. Club Ecstasy II Blacklight Fashion Show + After Party Saturday June 30th […]

Pro-Hemp TV Commercial

This is one of the Hemp Fest TV commercials we will be running this year. Our aim was to educate the public in hopes to gather more than just the crowd that already supported the cause and expand the movement.

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